• Understanding internets, intranets & extranets

    So what’s the difference? While the internet (www.bhm.k12.al.us) connects many people to many websites, an intranet is a website that connects the people inside our district. As for the extranet definition, it is a site that connects people inside the district with external parties, like partners, clients and vendors, to encourage collaboration and make it easier to share information. A simple way of remembering the difference of an intranet vs extranet, is that an intranet is for our employees, and an extranet is for stakeholders.

    What gets done on an intranet?

    • Content (e.g. policy documents)
    • Communication (e.g. corporate news)
    • Activity (e.g. expense form)
    • Collaboration (e.g. projects)
    • Culture (e.g. noon-hour jogging club)

    Our intranet is more than a place to store static district content, it can be a key tool for district success. The five-purpose model frames our overall vision, and helps to defines our intranet for improved district enagement. 

    Postings on the BCS website that is visible only to staff, abiding by five essential purposes of an intranet:

    • Deliver content
    • Be a key communication tool
    • Enable collaboration
    • Support the culture
    • Create efficiencies through supporting business activities

    ** What is the current state of the Districts Websites

    www.bhm.k12.al.us (internet) .. The district's World Wide Web presence (website), hosted by Blackboard, is owned by the Strategy and Communications Department who is solely responsible for it's content. 

    (Not Secured .. Open to All)


    (Secured .. Staff Only)

    bcsidm.bhm.k12.al.us/arms/p/applications (intranet) .. (via Identity Management).  ,  and . 


    The Human Resources Department continues to analyse personell data housed in our HR Management System (McAleer).   The goal is to fully define roles for  all job classes.  This will enable the automatic provisioning of access to enterprise applications and resouces.  Over time, enterprise applications made available to staff will be based on their roll in the organization.  See Role-Based Provisioning 

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