• Educational Technology

    Joanne Stephens, Ph.D.
    Executive Director Instructional Technology Department

    South Eastlake Technology Center
    720- 86th Street South
    麻豆精品, AL 35206

     Instructional Technology Overview


    Technology tools enhance academic achievement when combined with sound instructional practices. 



    Instructional Technology supports the fusion of tools and practice in the classroom to provide students with essential experiences and skills needed to be successful in college and life. We collaborate with teachers, administrators, and students to enrich teaching and learning through the use of technology.


    • Research:  The Instructional Technology Team together with Educational Technologists work with teachers, administrators and staff to highlight new technologies and best practice in the use of those technologies to enhance academic achievement for all students.
    • Collaboration:  The Instructional Technology Team works with school staff, content area coaches and managers, and the technology staff to support the fusion of technology tools in instructional practice aligned with district initiatives.
    • Professional Development:  The Instructional Technology Team provides professional development to teachers and teacher-librarians to support their growth in technology proficiency and level of technology integration into classroom practice.  Professional Development is provided through various departments within the district.
    • Planning and Evaluation:  The Instructional Technology Team works with schools to plan technology use and professional development for schools as well as assisting in the monitoring of student and staff growth in technology proficiency and classroom integration.
    Instructional Technology is a comprehensive K-12 technology program. This program supports technology integration that improves academic achievement by providing strategies that create 21st Century learning environments, engage the 21st Century learner, decrease the digital divide, and improve the capacity of teachers to more effectively integrated technology into curriculum and instruction.