Assessment, Accountability and Research

  • At BCS we have a robust curriculum and take great care to administer tests and assessments that accurately measure how well our students understand the material. Additionally, there are state-required tests that are periodically administered.

    Our department communicates testing procedures and protocols, develops and implements testing programs, and provides analysis of data to inform instruction for schools within BCS, while acting as the primary accountability liaison between schools, the district and the Alabama Department of Education. The testing department works closely with schools at each level in the understanding of each assessment, the professional development needed to prepare for theses assessments, and finally, the implementation and analysis required for each assessment to ensure that all students are assessed in an equitable manner.  Best practices are implemented in the use of data from assessments for students in Kindergarten through 12th grade.

    The 麻豆精品 Testing, Research and Accountability Department is committed to:

    • analyzing data to effectively impact classroom instruction that will positively impact student performance.
    • the safe storage and distribution of all District and State Assessment
    • the training of District and School personnel in regards to assessment administration.
    • working with school personnel to narrow the achievement gap and improve the graduation rate. 
    • working with Schools personnel to increase academic achievement in reading/language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies.
    • enhancing student instruction through the collaborative efforts with various departments. of the Testing Department at BCS.
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